David Kamholz

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PanLex, a project of The Long Now Foundation, aims to enable the translation of lexemes among all human languages in the world. By focusing on lexemic translations, rather than grammatical or corpus data, it achieves broader lexical and language coverage than related projects. The PanLex database currently documents 20 million lexemes in about 9,000(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of color contrast on luminance discrimination. Observers were required to indicate the more intense of two stimuli presented briefly in a surround. In some conditions the two stimuli were the same chromaticity as the surround, while in other conditions the stimuli differed in chromaticity from the(More)
Holm (2000) proposes the ‘‘separation base’’ method for determining subgroup relationships in a language family. The method is claimed to be superior to most approaches to lexicostatistics because the latter falls victim to the ‘‘proportionality trap’’, that is, the assumption that similarity is proportional to closeness of relationship. The principles(More)
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