David Kallweit

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This paper reports a new concept of quasi-static micro scanning mirrors enabling large static deflections and linearized scanning using vertical out-of-plane comb drives. The vertical combs are realized from a planar scanner substrate by a functionalized wafer bonding process The new device concept is highly flexible by design; different kinds of vertical(More)
This paper reports on the fabrication and first results on the operation performance of a new developed quasistatic-resonant micromirror capable of performing very fast resonant sinusoidal as well as slow linear and even static scanning. To assure maximum quality and reliability the fabrication process is built upon the well established base technology for(More)
We report on GaSb-based quantum-well diode lasers in a micro-machined external cavity setup using the Littrow configuration. An electrostatically-actuated silicon- grating, optimized to achieve a wide tuning range in the 2.3 mum wavelength range, is used as tuning element. A tuning range of 82 nm could be realized. The maximum output power of the micro(More)
A widely tunable (Deltalambda/lambda = 7%) micro-mechanical external cavity GaSb-based diode laser (muECL) emitting around 2.1 mum is presented. A micro-machined grating with a rectangular grating profile, which can be tilted electrostatically, is employed as wavelength selective element within the external cavity using a Littrow configuration. An optimized(More)
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