David K. Kim

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Our group has built an information retrieval system based on a complex semantic markup of medical textbooks. We describe the construction of a set of web-based knowledge-acquisition tools that expedites the collection and maintenance of the concepts required for text markup and the search interface required for information retrieval from the marked text. In(More)
We describe the construction of MYCIN II, a prototype system that provides for content-based markup and search of a forthcoming clinical therapeutics textbook, Antimicrobial Therapy and Vaccines. Existing commercial search technology for digital references utilizes generic tools such as textword-based searches with geographical or statistical refinements.(More)
A tularemia outbreak, caused by Francisella tularensis type B, occurred among wild-caught, commercially traded prairie dogs. F. tularensis microagglutination titers in one exposed person indicated recent infection. These findings represent the first evidence for prairie-dog-to-human tularemia transmission and demonstrate potential human health risks of the(More)
beta2-Laminin is important for the formation of neuromuscular junctions in vertebrates. Previously, we have inactivated the gene that encodes for beta2-laminin in mice and observed predominantly prejunctional structural defects. In this study, we have used both intra- and extracellular recording methods to investigate evoked neurotransmission in(More)
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