David K. Harrison

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In order to improve effectiveness of supply chain management and compete in today's dynamic global markets, it is not sufficient to have effective integrated processes within a business; synchronized operations of all partners in the supply chain is required. In the past, this has been achieved by one company owning or having control over all businesses in(More)
This paper presents an algorithm for the near-optimal allocation of buffer space to an assembly line by means of the ant colony optimisation (ACO) paradigm. Uniquely, the algorithm has been designed to work in conjunction with a simulation model and is adapted to have both combinatorial and stochastic problem-solving capability. The simulation model was(More)
In this paper, the use of companding as an effective tool for minimizing the peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR) of OFDM signals is presented. The influence of in-band and out-of band noise due to sampling and compression is considered. The bit-error-rate (BER) performance for different companding profiles is also evaluated for transmissions within an AWGN(More)
Medical education is a dynamic field that witnesses continuous evolution and development. The employment of Virtual Reality (VR) based visualization and training environments in the delivery of anatomy teaching transfers the learning experience from one that involves memorising the structures without a true understanding of the 3-Dimensional (3D) relations,(More)
Selected Mapping (SLM) is a popular technique used for Peak-to Average Power (PAPR) reduction in OFDM systems. Normally SLM techniques require explicit side information to be transmitted to allow decoding at the receiver. Alternative SLM techniques use shift register scramblers to embed the side information into the transmitted OFDM symbols. In this paper(More)
The oxygen dependence of mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation was measured in suspensions of isolated rat liver mitochondria using recently developed methods for measuring oxygen and cytochrome c reduction. Cytochrome-c oxidase (energy conservation site 3) activity of the mitochondrial respiratory chain was measured using an artificial electron donor(More)