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We describe a method for identifying the speakers of quoted speech in natural-language textual stories. We have assembled a corpus of more than 3,000 quotations, whose speakers (if any) are manually identified, from a collection of 19th and 20th century literature by six authors. Using rule-based and statistical learning, our method identifies candidate(More)
Machinima is a low-cost alternative to full production filmmaking. However, creating quality cinematic visualizations with existing machinima techniques still requires a high degree of talent and effort. We introduce a lightweight artificial intelligence system, Cambot, that can be used to assist in machinima production. Cambot takes a script as input and(More)
We present SCHEHERAZADE, a foundational platform for narrative intelligence that formally represents stories. The system draws upon prior theoretical work on the morphology of narrative without imposing a particular narrative domain or task a priori. Instead, while keeping narrative semantics separate and immutable, it provides a framework for the tools(More)
In order to tell stories in different voices for different audiences , interactive story systems require: (1) a semantic representation of story structure, and (2) the ability to automatically generate story and dialogue from this semantic representation using some form of Natural Language Generation (nlg). However, there has been limited research on(More)
In this paper, we describe an interactive system, built within the context of CLiMB project, which permits a user to locate the occurrences of named entities within a given text. The named entity tool was developed to identify references to a single art object (e.g. a particular building) with high precision in text related to images of that object in a(More)
We describe a task-based evaluation to determine whether multi-document summaries measurably improve user performance when using online news browsing systems for directed research. We evaluated the multi-document summaries generated by Newsblaster, a robust news browsing system that clusters online news articles and summarizes multiple articles on each(More)