David K. Black

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STUDY DESIGN  Randomized controlled animal trial. OBJECTIVES  To analyze the early and late phase effects of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injection into and around the damaged intervertebral disc using an animal model, and to evaluate the needle puncture technique in creating a degenerative disc model. METHODS  The L4-L5 intervertebral disc of 18 adult(More)
Female Breadwinner Families: Their Existence, Persistence and Sources We develop a typology for understanding couple households where the female is the major earner – what we term female breadwinner households – and test it using data from the first two waves of the HILDA Survey. We distinguish temporary from persistent female breadwinner households and(More)
A multi-centre controlled trial of steroid treatment of the nephrotic syndrome was carried out on 125 patients. Of these, 64 were controls and 61 received prednisone in a recommended dose range of 20-30 mg./24 hours. The actual initial dose averaged 29 mg./24 hours. Treatment was continued for a variable period, but not less than six months. More than 10(More)
Muscular atonia and cortical desynchronization, two signs of desynchronized sleep, can be enhanced or suppressed by direct injection of carbachol into the pontine brain stem of cats. The positive effects are graded, being maximal in the gigantocellular tegmental field and less marked in adjacent nuclei. These positive effects are dose-dependent. Suppressive(More)
Aspirin is being increasingly prescribed for cardiovascular protection, but is also recognized to have significant gastrointestinal side-effects. Whether chronic aspirin consumption causes iron deficiency is undetermined, and there is little information available regarding iron deficiency and aspirin use in old age. We studied the relationship between iron(More)
Health services continue to be seen as significant settings for health improvement, and developments continue to be made in the nature of such work, means of optimal delivery and outcomes. This paper builds on previous work by reporting on activity in a series of sites within 'NHS Health Scotland's (NHS HS)' Health Promoting Health Service (HPHS)(More)