David Julià

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Brain death secondary to cerebrovascular disease is a possible early complication of orthotopic liver transplantation. If liver graft continues to function normally, the reuse of liver for another patient may be considered. We report three cases of successful reuse of liver grafts after death of the first recipient. In our experience, liver graft can be(More)
A multicentric, open, prospective, observational and no-randomized clinical trial was carried out in Spain with 190 postmenopausal women receiving a soy preparation rich in isoflavones (PHYTO SOYA, capsules containing 17.5 mg isoflavones). The main object of the present study was to investigate its efficacy in alleviating the symptomatology derived from the(More)
INTRODUCTION The introduction of one-stage procedures in emergency colonic surgery many years ago has relegated the use of the Hartmann procedure to the most seriously-ill patients, which has led to the high morbidity and mortality rates associated with this surgical technique. The aim of our study was to investigate our results using Hartmanns procedure(More)
UNLABELLED Management of biliary tract complications (BTC) after liver transplantation (LT) has progressed in recent years. The aims of this study were, to analyse the incidence and management in our institution of BTC after 1000 LT; and to study the management of patients with anastomotic strictures (AS). RESULTS The incidence of BTC was 23%. There were(More)
Migration of Kirschner wires after fracture fixation is a rare complication. Several cases of intrathoracic migration after humeral or clavicle fixation with this technique have been reported though. We describe an even rarer case where a wire migrated from the proximal humerus to the abdomen perforating the left thoracic cavity and hemidiaphragm. The(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of the study is to review our experience in the surgical treatment of Klatskin tumours, after the systematic application of the current concepts of radicalism. Sixty-one patients resected using these criteria are presented. PATIENTS AND METHOD We have studied 154 patients. Surgery was ruled out in 59 (41%) of them, and a liver(More)
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