David Jiang

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—Data analysis is an important functionality in cloud computing which allows a huge amount of data to be processed over very large clusters. MapReduce is recognized as a popular way to handle data in the cloud environment due to its excellent scalability and good fault tolerance. However, compared to parallel databases, the performance of MapReduce is(More)
Evaluating the Force Matrix constitutes the most computationally intensive part of a Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulation. In three-body MD simulations, the total energy of the system is determined by the energy of every unique triple in the system and the force matrix is three-dimensional. The execution time of a three-body MD algorithm is thus proportional(More)
Layered architecture prescribes a good principle for separating concerns to make systems more maintainable. One example of such layered architectures is the separation of classes into three groups: Boundary, Control, and Entity, which are referred to as the three analysis class stereotypes in UML. Classes of different stereotypes are interacting with one(More)
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