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Examensarbete Standard two-stage and Nonlinear mixed effect modelling for determination of cell-to-cell variation of transport parameters in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Examensarbete utfört i Reglerteknik vid Tekniska högskolan vid Linköpings universitet av
Studies of cell-to-cell variation have in recent years grown in interest, due to improved bioanalytical techniques which facilitates determination of small changes with high uncertainty. Like much high-quality data, single-cell data is best analysed using a systems biology approach. The most common systems biology approach to single-cell data is the(More)
Recent studies on the molecular determinants important for glycine receptor biogenesis and function mechanisms indicate an important role of basic residues within the intracellular loop between transmembrane domains (TM) 3 and 4. We investigate the role of loop length and loop exchange in combination with the presence or absence of basic stretches(More)
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