David James Lambert

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Chronic phlebotomy is an important mechanism of iron loss in premature infants. We studied inter- and intraorgan iron allocation in 10 twin lamb pairs undergoing an acute 40-50% reduction in red cell volume followed by smaller intermittent phlebotomies over an 11-day period. One twin received no supplemental iron sucrose, while the other received an average(More)
the 119 MHz signal to mcrements of 8.4 nsec 'I :. An innovative timing and RF synchronisation system has been built and commissioned which allows the direct injection of 1 mm ux e+ or c-bun&a from the SLC Damping Rings (VRF =-714 MHs) into the storage rings PEP (VW = 353 MHz) and SPEAR (VW = 358 MHz). The required relative stabil-itv-of these o&illdtors is(More)
We present a measurement of the total cross section for yy + hadrons, with one photon quasi-real and the other a spacelike photon of mass-squared-Q2. Results are presented as a function of Q2 and the yy center-of-mass energy W, with the Q2 range extending from 0.2 GeV2 to 60 GeV2, and W in the range from 2 to 10 GeV. The data were taken with the TPC/T(More)
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