David Jackson

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The motivation for a stable, efficient, backfill scheduler that runs in a consistent manner on multiple hardware platforms and operating systems is outlined and justified in this work. The combination of the Maui Scheduler and the Portable Batch System (PBS), are evaluated on several cluster solutions of various size, performance and communications(More)
The task of grading solutions to student programming exercises is laborious and error-prone. We have developed a software tool called ASSYST that is designed to relieve a tutor of much of the burden of assessing such programs. ASSYST offers a graphical interface that can be used to direct all aspects of the grading process, and it considers a wide range of(More)
We study the use of stochastic discount factor (SDF) models in evaluating the investment performance of portfolio managers. By constructing artificial mutual funds with known levels of investment ability, we evaluate a large set of SDF models. We find that the measures of performance are not highly sensitive to the SDF model, and that most of the models(More)
Desirable though fully automated assessment of student programming assignments is, it is an area that is beset by difficulties. While it is not contested that some aspects of assessment can be performed much more efficiently and accurately by computer, there are many others that still require human involvement. We have therefore designed a system that(More)
Stroke is a high-frequency disorder placing a significant burden on the health care systems, being the foremost cause of complex chronic disability in adults. Devising systems that can enhance the prevention of stroke recurrence is an important priority and challenge in both the developed and the developing world. The potential for recurrent stroke can be(More)