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Ethnicity, Identity and Public Policy Critical Perspectives on Multiculturalism [Book Review]
The review and analysis of 'Ethnicity, identity and public policy' written by David Bromell is discussed. The book focuses on policy responses to ethno-cultural diversity and differences of ethnicityExpand
Doing Policy Analysis
Doing policy analysis in practice is not as rational and systematic as textbooks make it sound. To understand this, we need to unpack the relationships between science, policy and politics, andExpand
Creating Public Value in the Policy Advice Role A Reflection from the Front Line
Round Table on ‘Free and Frank Advice’ Summary of Discussion John R. Martin 11 Creating Public Value in the Policy Advice Role A Reflection from the Front Line David Bromell 16 Good Cause forExpand
Introduction: Theory and Practice of Effective Policy Advising
Public servants fulfil three distinct but related functions in policy-making: analysis, advising and advocacy. This book is a practical guide to effective public policy advising. While policy cyclesExpand
Who Are My Clients and What Do They Need from Me
A policy advisor juggles the demands of multiple clients, and often must distinguish primary from secondary clients. Service excellence is constrained, moreover, by public servants” responsibilitiesExpand
Working Together … in the Public Interest
Increasingly, policy advisors need to acquire and practise skills in co-ordination, collaboration and networked governance, finding new ways to work with others to facilitate incremental socialExpand
Freedom, Toleration and Respect
In a liberal society, the price we pay to secure our own freedom is relinquishing the power to impose our ideas, beliefs, opinions and values on others. Bromell argues that freedom is not the onlyExpand
Community, Reciprocity and Sustainability
The charge is sometimes made that liberalism has failed because it has promoted individual rights and freedoms at the expense of community and sustainability. Bromell argues that we should thinkExpand
Conclusion: Building Ethical Muscle
In this concluding chapter, Bromell sums up the kind of leadership and the kind of politics needed where diversity in proximity generates conflict. We need to cultivate leadership practices of beingExpand