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Realization of Microwave Quantum Circuits Using Hybrid Superconducting-Semiconducting Nanowire Josephson Elements.
We report the realization of quantum microwave circuits using hybrid superconductor-semiconductor Josephson elements comprised of InAs nanowires contacted by NbTiN. Capacitively shunted singleExpand
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Ballistic superconductivity in semiconductor nanowires
Semiconductor nanowires have opened new research avenues in quantum transport owing to their confined geometry and electrostatic tunability. They have offered an exceptional testbed forExpand
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Towards high mobility InSb nanowire devices.
We study the low-temperature electron mobility of InSb nanowires. We extract the mobility at 4.2 K by means of field effect transport measurements using a model consisting of a nanowire-transistorExpand
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Hard Superconducting Gap in InSb Nanowires
Topological superconductivity is a state of matter that can host Majorana modes, the building blocks of a topological quantum computer. Many experimental platforms predicted to show such aExpand
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Direct Microwave Measurement of Andreev-Bound-State Dynamics in a Semiconductor-Nanowire Josephson Junction.
The modern understanding of the Josephson effect in mesosopic devices derives from the physics of Andreev bound states, fermionic modes that are localized in a superconducting weak link. Recently,Expand
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Supercurrent Interference in Few-Mode Nanowire Josephson Junctions.
Junctions created by coupling two superconductors via a semiconductor nanowire in the presence of high magnetic fields are the basis for the potential detection, fusion, and braiding of MajoranaExpand
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All-Microwave Control and Dispersive Readout of Gate-Defined Quantum Dot Qubits in Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics.
Developing fast and accurate control and readout techniques is an important challenge in quantum information processing with semiconductor qubits. Here, we study the dynamics and the coherenceExpand
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Coherent microwave-photon-mediated coupling between a semiconductor and a superconducting qubit
Semiconductor qubits rely on the control of charge and spin degrees of freedom of electrons or holes confined in quantum dots. They constitute a promising approach to quantum information processing,Expand
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Observation of the 4π-periodic Josephson effect in indium arsenide nanowires
Quantum computation by non-Abelian Majorana zero modes (MZMs) offers an approach to achieve fault tolerance by encoding quantum information in the non-local charge parity states of semiconductorExpand
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Automatic tuning of the pulse-driven AC Josephson voltage standard
We describe the automation of a pulse-driven AC Josephson voltage standard (ACJVS) that uses a ternary arbitrary bitstream generator as the bias source. Expand
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