David J. Wheatley

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BACKGROUND Current guidelines suggest that, for patients at moderate risk of death from unstable coronary-artery disease, either an interventional strategy (angiography followed by revascularisation) or a conservative strategy (ischaemia-driven or symptom-driven angiography) is appropriate. We aimed to test the hypothesis that an interventional strategy is(More)
SUMMARY The acute response to stress is embodied in thè®ght or ¯ight reaction', inducing a state of anxiety. When stress is long-continued, depression may develop insidiously under the cloak of continuing anxiety symptoms. Depression inhibits the ability to cope with stress and so a `vicious circle' becomes established, depression aggravating stress and(More)
BACKGROUND The long-term outcome of an interventional strategy in patients with non-ST-elevation acute coronary syndrome is unknown. We tested whether an interventional strategy (routine angiography followed by revascularisation) was better than a conservative strategy (ischaemia-driven or symptom-driven angiography) over 5 years' follow-up. METHODS In a(More)
BACKGROUND Venous thromboembolism (VTE) is a major health and financial burden. VTE impacts health outcomes in surgical and non-surgical patients. VTE prophylaxis is underutilized, particularly amongst high risk medical patients. We conducted a multicentre clinical audit to determine the extent to which appropriate VTE prophylaxis in acutely ill(More)
This paper describes a method of calculating the inherent visibility at all locations in a landscape ('total viewshed') by making use of redundant computer cycles. This approach uses a simplified viewshed program that is suitable for use within a distributed environment, in this case managed by the Condor system. Distributing the calculation in this way(More)
This paper considers computed means for constructing and interrogating prehistoric architectures. We ask where the 'landscapes' created through points and arcs divide us from the prehistory we seek and whether in fact these virtual landscapes offer new prehistoric places in which to dwell. Taking as a starting point the formulation of models of prehistoric(More)
This study compared user expectations and post-experience value judgments of TV based video calling with Personal Computer (PC)/webcam and face to face communications experiences. Eighteen same gender participant pairs carried out three tasks requiring visual and verbal communications within each condition. Results of the System Usability Scale (SUS)(More)
We study an integrated inventory-location problem with service requirements faced by an aerospace company in designing its service parts logistics network. Customer demand is Poisson distributed and the service levels are time-based leading to highly non-linear, stochastic service constraints and a nonlinear, mixed-integer optimization problem. Unlike(More)