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Acknowledgements I would like to first thank my two independent work advisers: David Walker, whose enthusiasm convinced me to do a senior thesis in the first place and (even more importantly) kept me going throughout, and also Andrew Appel, whose encouragement and faith in me during each of the moments of doubt I experienced while learning Twelf was the(More)
  • Adam Gehr, Alois Geyer, +9 authors Wolfgang Aussenegg
  • 2001
for helpful comments and suggestions. Financial support of the Vienna University of Technology in acquiring data used in this study is gratefully acknowledged. The author would also like to thank Reuters Ges.m.b.H (Vienna) for providing data. This article compares the characteristics and the price behavior of case-by-case privatization initial public(More)
Optimisation problems often comprise a large set of objectives, and visualising the set of solutions to a problem can help with understanding them, assisting a decision maker. If the set of objectives is larger than three, visualising solutions to the problem is a difficult task. Techniques for visualising high-dimensional data are often difficult to(More)
Interstitial lung diseases limit daily activities, impair quality of life and result in (exertional) dyspnoea. This has mainly been attributed to a decline in lung function and impaired gas exchange. However, the contribution of respiratory muscle dysfunction to these limitations remains to be conclusively investigated. Interstitial lung disease patients(More)