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Pharmaceutical solids can be classified as either crystalline solids, which have regular arrangements of molecules that repeat in three dimensions, or amorphous solids, which lack the long-range order present in crystals 1. These differences in the long-range periodicity of the molecules result in the substantially different physical and chemical properties(More)
BACKGROUND Achieving symmetry is a key goal in breast reconstruction. Anatomically shaped tabbed expanders are a new tool in the armamentarium of the breast reconstruction surgeon. Suture tabs allow for full control over the expander position and thus inframammary fold position, and, in theory, tabbed expanders mitigate many factors responsible for poor(More)
The conventional model-fitting approach to kinetic analysis assumes a fixed mechanism throughout the reaction and therefore may be too simplistic for many solid-state reactions. Even for a reaction with a fixed mechanism, model fitting sometimes cannot identify the reaction model uniquely. The alternative model-free approach is sufficiently flexible to(More)
"Each year over 25,000 people die from Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) contracted in hospital. This is more than the combined total of deaths from breast cancer, AIDS and traffic accidents". (1) Orthopaedic patients are at particular risk of VTE. In 2011, the project team carried out an audit into compliance with national VTE assessment guidelines on all acute(More)
surgery and encouraging pre-operative smoking cessation, particularly prior to elective procedures. Risk analysis and stratification of surgical morbidity after immediate breast reconstruction. InTRODUcTIOn: Hospitals are working to reduce 30-day readmissions, driven by financial and quality incentives previously affecting only medical conditions but now(More)
Background. No studies report robust data on the national incidence and risk factors associated with catastrophic medical outcomes following free tissue transfer. Methods. The American College of Surgeons (ACS) multicenter, prospective National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (NSQIP) database was used to identify patients who underwent free tissue(More)
  • P M W P H Strandberg, M S Carr, R L Lipsett, P Kyhl, J J Fowler, Gallagher O +19 others
  • 2009
A. SPIN-LATTICE RELAXATION In order to relate experimentally observed relaxation times to the spin-phonon transition probabilities, it is necessary to solve the system of rate equations: dN. 1 W.. is the lattice-induced transition probability from state j to i.
Thirteen children with spina bifida (mean age 11 yrs 11 mths) and a mean reading comprehension reading deficit of 10.5 mths were enrolled into a remedial programme. The withdrawal single case study methodology was used (baseline--5 weeks, treatment--5 weeks, withdrawal--12 weeks). Each child was seen twice a week for 15 minutes during both the baseline and(More)
A review of the literature suggests that the right hemisphere compared with the left may be more sensitive to, and take longer to recover from, cerebral trauma. As there are also grounds for suggesting that shunting may be associated with limited cerebral insult, it is possible to conclude that, theoretically, left hemisphere shunting may be a preferable(More)