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We describe antimicrobial resistance among Escherichia coli isolated from free-living Canada Geese in Georgia and North Carolina (USA). Resistance patterns are compared to those reported by the National Antimicrobial Resistance Monitoring System. Canada Geese may be vectors of antimicrobial resistance and resistance genes in agricultural environments. T he(More)
Colleges and universities are increasingly recognizing the need to expand suicide-prevention efforts beyond the standard, clinical-intervention paradigm of suicide prevention, which relies on referral to, and treatment by, mental health services. These services frequently struggle, however, to provide effective, comprehensive care. After reviewing findings(More)
This article is a 30-year retrospective of the emergence of the theme group movement in college counseling centers and in psychotherapy in general. It describes the evolution of interventions in this modality, defines and describes their unique features and approaches, and illustrates, via comparison of two theme groups on grief, the maturation and(More)
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