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Spectra and coherences are standard measures of association within and between time series. These measures have several advantages over their time-domain counterparts, not the least of which is the ability to derive and estimate confidence intervals. However, comparing spectra and coherences between two groups of observation is a problem that has not(More)
The primary purpose of this paper is the improved detection of a nonstationary target signal embedded in a nonstationary background. Accordingly, the first part of the paper is devoted to a detailed exposition of how to deal with the issue of nonstationar-ity. The material presented here starts withLò eve's probabilistic theory of nonstationary processes.(More)
In earthquake record analysis we deal with transient non-stationary records corresponding to the seismic waves generated during the rupture process. Dispersive surface waves recorded at seismic stations contain information about the propagation medium, and thus are used to look at the structure of the Earth. Surface wave observations are commonly used to(More)
The main aim of the workshop was to bring together researchers interested in developing and using automated analysis tools and database systems for electrophysiological data. Selected discussed topics, including the review of some current and potential applications of Computational Intelligence (CI) in electrophysiology, database and electrophysiological(More)