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The utility of the multitaper method and cyclostationarity for sensing the radio spectrum, including the digital TV spectrum, is studied theoretically and experimentally. ABSTRACT | Spectrum sensing is the very task upon which the entire operation of cognitive radio rests. For cognitive radio to fulfill the potential it offers to solve the spectrum(More)
Optical technology is poised to revolutionise short reach interconnects. The leading candidate technology is silicon photonics, and the workhorse of such interconnect is the optical modulator. Modulators have been improved dramatically in recent years. Most notably the bandwidth has increased from the MHz to the multi GHz regime in little more than half a(More)
The primary purpose of this paper is the improved detection of a nonstationary target signal embedded in a nonstationary background. Accordingly, the first part of the paper is devoted to a detailed exposition of how to deal with the issue of nonstationar-ity. The material presented here starts withLò eve's probabilistic theory of nonstationary processes.(More)
With the imminent commercialisation of silicon photonic devices comes the requirement for a fabrication process capable of high yield and device performance repeatability. The precise alignment of the different elements of a device can be a major fabrication challenge for minimising performance variation or even device failure. In this paper a new design of(More)
BACKGROUND Surgical scheduling is complicated by both naturally occurring and human-induced variability in the demand for surgical services. Surgical demand time series are decomposed into periodic, lagged, and linear trends with frequent occurrences of nonconstant variations in mean and variance. The authors used time series methods to model surgical(More)
Bicoherence has been used in quantifying quadratic phase coupling (QPC) in electroencephalography (EEG) signals. However, for high-dimensional EEG signals, the calculations of traditional auto– and cross–bicoherences of signals from multiple electrodes are computationally very expensive. This has been compounded by the recognition of the non-stationary(More)