David J.T. Vaux

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The nuclear envelope consists of a double-membraned extension of the rough endoplasmic reticulum. In this report we describe long, dynamic tubular channels, derived from the nuclear envelope, that extend deep into the nucleoplasm. These channels show cell-type specific morphologies ranging from single short stubs to multiple, complex, branched structures.(More)
Vaccinia virus (VV) egress has been studied using confocal, video, and electron microscopy. Previously, intracellular-enveloped virus (IEV) particles were proposed to induce the polymerization of actin tails, which propel IEV particles to the cell surface. However, data presented support an alternative model in which microtubules transport virions to the(More)
A 14-residue fragment of the C-terminal oligomerization domain, or T-peptide, of human acetylcholinesterase (AChE) shares sequence homology with the amyloid-beta peptide implicated in Alzheimer's disease and can spontaneously self-assemble into classical amyloid fibrils under physiological conditions [Greenfield, S. A., and Vaux, D. J. (2002) Neuroscience(More)
A region near the C-terminus of human acetylcholinesterase (AChE) is weakly homologous with the N-terminus of the Alzheimer's disease amyloid-beta peptide. We report that a 14-amino acid synthetic polypeptide whose sequence corresponds to residues 586-599 of the human synaptic or T form of AChE assembles into amyloid fibrils under physiological conditions.(More)
We describe an optical method for quantifying surface tension in 96-well microtitre plates. Absorbance and fluorescence measurements in vertical beam systems as in 96-well plate photometers are complicated by the interaction of the light with the curved surface of the liquid. If the samples do not all have the same meniscus, errors in the data proportional(More)
Results from several medical investigations carried out using the Oxford scanning proton microprobe are presented, including maps of the hepatic copper-distribution in primary biliary cirrhosis and maps of the iron distribution in primary hemochromatosis. Preliminary studies of human nervous tissue reveal that morphologically recognizable structures can be(More)
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