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In this paper we describe the evolution of a whole-hand interface to our virtual-environment graphical system. We present a set of abstractions that can be used to implement device-independent interfaces for hand measurement devices. Some of these abstractions correspond to known logical device abstractions, while others take further advantage of the(More)
A disciplined investigation of " whole-hand interfaces (often glove based, currently) and their appropriate use for the control of complex task domains is embodied by the design method for whole-hand input. This is a series of procedures—including a common basis for the description, design, and evaluation of whole-hand input, together with an accompanying(More)
  • Jonathan Amsterdam, Peter Breedveld, Michael Caine, David Clemens, William Durfee, Derek Row-Ell +30 others
  • 1993
This report describes MM, a computer program that can model a variety of mechanical and uid systems. It addresses several issues: What is the appropriate input to the modeling process? How should the search for models be organized? What evidence can be brought to bear to constrain the task? MM takes as input both a description of the structure of the system(More)
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