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The goals of the present study were twofold. First, we wished to investigate the neural correlates of aware and unaware emotional face perception after characterizing each subject's behavioral performance via signal detection theory methods. Second, we wished to investigate the extent to which amygdala responses to fearful faces depend on the physical(More)
Clumsy intermediary devices constrain our interaction with computers and their applications. Glove-based input devices let us apply our manual dexterity to the task. We provide a basis for understanding the field by describing key hand-tracking technologies and applications using glove-based input. The bulk of development in glove-based input has taken(More)
In this paper we describe the evolution of a whole-hand interface to our virtual-environment graphical system. We present a set of abstractions that can be used to implement device-independent interfaces for hand measurement devices. Some of these abstractions correspond to known logical device abstractions, while others take further advantage of the(More)
This paper describes a program which allows parametric models of three-dimensional characters and scenes to be interactively controlled for computer animation. The system attempts to span the two most common approaches to animation: language-driven or programmed and visually-driven or interactive. Models are designed in a geometry language which supports(More)
objects to life through direct manipulation. Cartoon animation breathes life into drawings through image sequences. Combining the two is the delight of computer puppetry. In the early 1960s, Lee Harrison III, an electronic engineer in Denver, Colorado, experimented in controlling an electronic cartoon character with live, real-time, interactive controls. At(More)
An environment for designing virtual instruments with 3D geometry has been prototyped and applied to real-time sound control and design. It enables a sound artist, musical performer or composer to design an instrument according to preferred or required gestural and musical constraints instead of constraints based only on physical laws as they apply to an(More)
A disciplined investigation of " whole-hand interfaces (often glove based, currently) and their appropriate use for the control of complex task domains is embodied by the design method for whole-hand input. This is a series of procedures—including a common basis for the description, design, and evaluation of whole-hand input, together with an accompanying(More)
For many of us in computer graphics and entertainment, the fascination is in the telling of stories with moving images. However the creation of convincing motion is nor a trivial problem. A~Ler many years of continual technical developments, animation is still a labor intensive process requiring great skill and art. Almost all computer animation today is(More)