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Recovery of function following traumatic brain injury (TBI) is partly through neuronal plasticity. However plasticity is limited in the adult CNS compared with young animals. In order to test whether treatments that enhance CNS plasticity might improve functional recovery after TBI, a new rat head injury model was developed, in which a computer-controlled(More)
Rats with a crush in the dorsal funiculi of the C4 segment of the spinal cord were treated with chondroitinase ABC delivered to the lateral ventricle, receiving 6 intraventricular injections on alternate days. In order to investigate the time window of efficacy of chondroitinase, treatment was begun at the time of injury or after a 2, 4 or 7 days delay.(More)
We have developed a compartmentalised culture model for the purification of axonal mRNA from embryonic, neonatal and adult rat dorsal root ganglia. This mRNA was used un-amplified for RT-qPCR. We assayed for the presence of axonal mRNAs encoding molecules known to be involved in axon growth and guidance. mRNAs for beta-actin, beta-tubulin, and several(More)
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