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Acknowledgements We are pleased to submit this final report for the study titled " Developing an Effective Market for Open Access Article Processing Charges " and appreciate the opportunity to address this challenging and important task. The study was commissioned by a consortium of funding We would like to thank the members of the Steering Group for their(More)
BACKGROUND In the past few years there has been an ongoing debate as to whether the proliferation of open access (OA) publishing would damage the peer review system and put the quality of scientific journal publishing at risk. Our aim was to inform this debate by comparing the scientific impact of OA journals with subscription journals, controlling for(More)
BACKGROUND It is not clear that teaching specific history taking, physical examination and patient teaching techniques to medical students results in durable behavioural changes. We used a quasi-experimental design that approximated a randomized double blinded trial to examine whether a Participatory Decision-Making (PDM) educational module taught in a(More)
BACKGROUND Medical education is increasingly being conducted in community-based teaching sites at diverse locations, making it difficult to provide a consistent curriculum. We conducted a randomized trial to assess whether students who viewed digital lectures would perform as well on a measure of cognitive knowledge as students who viewed live lectures.(More)
Open access (OA) journals make their full text content available for free on the Web and use other means than subscriptions or access charges for funding the publication process. Publication fees or article processing charges (APC)s have become the predominant means for funding professional OA publishing. We surveyed 1,038 authors from seven discipline(More)
Basics in Medical Education by Zubair Amin, MD MHPE and Khoo Hoon Eng, PhD. is written as an introductory text for medical teachers. The authors' aim is to provide a broad overview of medical education for someone new to the field. In the words of the authors " …..in this simple non-intimidating book, we promise to tell the general medical teachers what(More)
The study documents the growth in the number of journals and articles along with the increase in normalized citation rates of open access (OA) journals listed in the Scopus bibliographic database between 1999 and 2010. Longitudinal statistics on growth in journals/articles and citation rates are broken down by funding model, discipline, and whether the(More)