David J. Slotwiner

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The field of nonlinear dynamics has made important contributions toward a mechanistic understanding of cardiac arrhythmias. In recent years, many of these advancements have been in the area of arrhythmia control. This paper reviews the literature on analytical, modeling, and experimental nonlinear dynamical arrhythmia control with a focus on stimulation and(More)
Repolarization alternans (RPA) is prognostic of sudden cardiac death and is thought to be mechanistically linked to the initiation of ventricular tachyarrhythmias. Thus, implantable cardiac device detection of RPA may be therapeutically valuable. Because alternans detection is currently limited to surface electrocardiograms, we investigated whether RPA(More)
In vitro experiments have shown that the complexity of atrioventricular nodal (AVN) conduction dynamics increases with heart rate. Although complex AVN dynamics (e.g., alternans) have been observed clinically, human AVN dynamics during rapid pacing have not been systematically investigated. We studied such dynamics during ventricular-triggered atrial pacing(More)
Since it was first described approximately 15 years ago, the Brugada Syndrome has spurred a significant quantity of interest in its underlying mechanism and physiology. The Brugada electrocardiographic pattern is characterized by right bundle branch block morphology and ST segment elevations in the right precordial leads with an absence of identifiable(More)
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