David J Schmidt

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Agonist-induced translocation of RhoA and the spatio-temporal change in myosin regulatory light chain (MLC20) phosphorylation in smooth muscle was clarified at the single cell level. We expressed green fluorescent protein-tagged RhoA in the differentiated tracheal smooth muscle cells and visualized the translocation of RhoA in a living cell with(More)
A density functional theory (DFT) database of 66 Pt(111)/O formation energies is presented. We fit this database of formation energies to a range of cluster expansions (CEs) of systematically increasing size and flexibility. We find that the performance of the CE depends upon the property or properties of interest. Pair-wise CEs with up to third nearest(More)
Myosin light chain phosphatase (PP1M) is composed of three subunits, i.e., M20, MBS, and a catalytic subunit. Whereas MBS is assigned as a myosin binding subunit, the function of M20 is unknown. In the present study, we found that M20 binds to microtubules. The binding activity was revealed by cosedimentation of M20 with microtubules and binding of tubulin(More)
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