David J Saiki

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Cavity ring-down spectroscopy is used to probe the optical absorption of the optical pseudo-two level system [Xe]4f(13) Yb(3+) in room temperature solution, a situation where the two-color pump-probe luminescence approach commonly used to study the other [Xe]4f(n) (2 < or = n < or = 12) trivalent lanthanide ions fails. A 1m optical cavity constructed from(More)
The energy-transfer dynamics of high-pressure molecular H(2) gas initially prepared in the |X (1)Sigma(g) (+),v = 1,J = 1 state using stimulated Raman pumping are probed with rotational Raman scattering. A computer simulation that incorporates the effects of collision-induced vibrational energy transfer is described and used to fit the experimental Raman(More)
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