David J. Sahn

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We have presented recommendations for the optimum acquisition of quantitative two-dimensional data in the current echocardiographic environment. It is likely that advances in imaging may enhance or supplement these approaches. For example, three-dimensional reconstruction methods may greatly augment the accuracy of volume determination if they become more(More)
Four hundred M-mode echocardiographic surveys were distributed to determine interobserver variability in M-mode echocardiographic measurements. This was done with a view toward examining the need and determining the criteria for standardization of measurement. Each survey consisted of five M-mode echocardiograms with a calibration marker, measured by the(More)
BACKGROUND the etiology of ventricular dysfunction in adult congenital heart disease (ACHD) is not well understood. Diffuse fibrosis is a likely common final pathway and is quantifiable using MRI. METHODS AND RESULTS patients with ACHD (n=50) were studied with cardiac MRI to quantify systemic ventricular volume and function and diffuse fibrosis. The(More)
Heart disease remains a leading cause of death worldwide. Previous research has indicated that the dynamics of the cardiac left ventricle (LV) during diastolic filling may play a critical role in dictating overall cardiac health. Hence, numerous studies have aimed to predict and evaluate global cardiac health based on quantitative parameters describing LV(More)
OBJECTIVES We tested a newly developed 4-dimensional (4D) right ventricular (RV) analysis method for computing RV volumes for both 3-dimensional (3D) ultrasound (US) and magnetic resonance (MR) images. BACKGROUND Asymmetry and the anatomical complexity of the RV make accurate determination of RV shape and volume difficult. METHODS Thirty patients, 14(More)
Ventricular septal defects are the most common congenital heart defect. They vary greatly in location, clinical presentation, associated lesions, and natural history. The present article describes the clinical aspects of ventricular septal defects and current management strategies.
Lithium carbonate is an effective drug for prophylaxis and treatment of major affective disorders. In-utero exposure to lithium during the first trimester of pregnancy might be associated with an increased risk of cardiac malformations, especially the rare Ebstein's anomaly. We prospectively recruited and followed 148 women (mean age 30 years, SD 5 range(More)
The echocardiographic studies and clinical course of 27 fetuses (mean gestational age 26.9 weeks) diagnosed in utero with tricuspid valve disease and significant tricuspid regurgitation were reviewed. The diagnosis of Ebstein's anomaly was made in 17 of the fetuses, 7 had tricuspid valve dysplasia with poorly developed but normally attached leaflets and 2(More)
BACKGROUND The study objective was to examine the vascular wall changes caused by balloon dilation of coarctation of the aorta (CoA) acutely and at short-term follow-up using intravascular ultrasound imaging. Intravascular ultrasound has been valuable in assessing the vessel wall changes in coronary and peripheral arteries after balloon dilation, often with(More)