David J. Russell

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BACKGROUND We propose a multiple sequence alignment (MSA) algorithm and compare the alignment-quality and execution-time of the proposed algorithm with that of existing algorithms. The proposed progressive alignment algorithm uses a grammar-based distance metric to determine the order in which biological sequences are to be pairwise aligned. The progressive(More)
Data compression at its base is concerned with how information is organized in data. Understanding this organization can lead to efficient ways of representing the information and hence data compression. In this paper we review the ways in which ideas and approaches fundamental to the theory and practice of data compression have been used in the area of(More)
BACKGROUND We propose a sequence clustering algorithm and compare the partition quality and execution time of the proposed algorithm with those of a popular existing algorithm. The proposed clustering algorithm uses a grammar-based distance metric to determine partitioning for a set of biological sequences. The algorithm performs clustering in which new(More)
BACKGROUND Indo-Pacific high island streams experience extreme hydrological variation, and are characterised by freshwater fish species with an amphidromous life history. Amphidromy is a likely adaptation for colonisation of island streams following stochastic events that lead to local extirpation. In the Wet Tropics of north-eastern Australia, steep(More)
This paper reviews sequential build-up (SBU) laminate substrate development from its beginning in 1988. It reports on developments in this technology for IBM applications since its adoption in 2000. These laminated substrates are nonuniform structures composed of three elements: a core, build-up layers, and finishing layers. Each element has evolved to meet(More)
PURPOSE To develop a model for the Cirrus HD-OCT that allows for the comparison of retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL) thickness measurements with dissimilar signal strengths (SS) and accounts for test-retest variability. METHODS Retinal nerve fiber layers were obtained in normals using the Cirrus optic disc cube 200 × 200 protocol during a single encounter.(More)
—This work compares the performance of various beamforming algorithms for the mitigation of multiple access interference in adaptive array code-division multiple-access (CDMA) systems. The Fourier and linear constrained minimum variance (LCMV) methods are both well-known algorithms for beamforming. While the LCMV method has many advantages, it can result in(More)
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