David J. Perello

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Recent work has demonstrated excellent p-type field-effect switching in exfoliated black phosphorus, but type control has remained elusive. Here, we report unipolar n-type black phosphorus transistors with switching polarity control via contact-metal engineering and flake thickness, combined with oxygen and moisture-free fabrication. With aluminium contacts(More)
In Fig. 3 of this article, there are a number of errors in the colours used for the data points and curves. In Fig. 3b, the blue data should be green, referring to a thickness of '3.5 nm', and the green data should be blue, referring to a thickness of '8 nm'. In Fig. 3d, the blue data should be green and refer to a thickness of '3.5 nm', the green data(More)
Grain boundaries in monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides have unique atomic defect structures and band dispersion relations that depend on the inter-domain misorientation angle. Here, we explore misorientation angle-dependent electrical transport at grain boundaries in monolayer MoS2 by correlating the atomic defect structures of measured devices(More)
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