David J P Kornfilt

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G-quadruplexes (GQ) are formed by the association of guanine-rich stretches of DNA. Certain small molecules can influence kinetics and thermodynamics of this association. Understanding the mechanism of ligand-assisted GQ folding is necessary for the design of more efficient cancer therapeutics. The oligonucleotide d(TAGGG)(2) forms parallel bimolecular GQ(More)
Catalytic asymmetric sulfenylation of double bonds has been achieved using a BINAM-based phosphoramide catalyst and an electrophilic sulfur source. Simple alkenes as well as styrenes afforded sulfenylated tetrahydrofurans and tetrahydropyrans by closure with pendant hydroxyl or carboxyl groups. Intermolecular thiofunctionalizations were also achieved with(More)
The stereocontrolled introduction of vicinal heteroatomic substituents into organic molecules is one of the most powerful ways of adding value and function. Although many methods exist for the introduction of oxygen- and nitrogen-containing substituents, the number of stereocontrolled methods for the introduction of sulfur-containing substituents pales by(More)
The catalytic, enantioselective, cyclization of phenols with electrophilic sulfenophthalimides onto isolated or conjugated alkenes affords 2,3-disubstituted benzopyrans and benzoxepins. The reaction is catalyzed by a BINAM-based phosphoramide Lewis base catalyst which assists in the highly enantioselective formation of a thiiranium ion intermediate. The(More)
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