David J.P. Ferguson

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Reversible protein phosphorylation regulated by kinases and phosphatases controls many cellular processes. Although essential functions for the malaria parasite kinome have been reported, the roles of most protein phosphatases (PPs) during Plasmodium development are unknown. We report a functional analysis of the Plasmodium berghei protein phosphatome,(More)
Objective The male gamete of the Plasmodium parasite is the only developmental stage that possesses a flagellum. Very little is known about the identity and function of the proteins involved in the parasite’s flagellum assembly. Assembly is intracytoplasmic, IFT independent and extremely fast. To understand this essential step of the parasite life cycle, we(More)
Signaling pathways controlled by reversible protein phosphorylation (catalyzed by kinases and phosphatases) in the malaria parasite Plasmodium are of great interest, for both increased understanding of parasite biology and identification of novel drug targets. Here, we report a functional analysis in Plasmodium of an ancient bacterial Shewanella-like(More)
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