David J. O’Brien

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To investigate the parameters of the protein design problem that we are exploring in collaboration with biochemists, we have developed a tool that uses inverse kinematics to support moving small fragments of protein backbone, while respecting biochemists' desires to " remain in favorable regions of the Ramachandran plot " and " preserve ideal geometry ". By(More)
As energy becomes a driving force in High Performance Computing, determining when and how energy can be saved without impacting performance is a key goal for both HPC hardware and software. Scalability studies have shown that some memory-bound applications do not scale as the thread count increases, and in some cases performance degrades. Adaptive(More)
Please note that this year begins a transition in the way RTE publishes the annotated bibliography. To accommodate an almost 30% increase in the size of the bibliography, we have published only the annotated entries in the print edition. The bibliography also lists, without annotation, a number of additional studies under each category. The full(More)
Using the longest baselines of the CHARA Array, we have measured the angular diameter of the G5 V subdwarf Cas A, the first such determination for a halo population star. We compare this result to new diameters for the higher metallicity K0 V stars, Dra and HR 511, and find that the metal-poor star, Cas A, has an effective temperature (T eA ¼ 5297 AE 32 K),(More)
The independence of the judiciary cannot be assumed. The creation and maintenance of an independent judiciary are difficult political problems, chiefly because independent social and political institutions necessarily make life more difficult for those holding political power. Powerful political actors constantly face the temptation to subvert judicial(More)
The US Army Aeroflightdynamics Directorate (AFDD), the French Office National d'Etudes et de Recherches Aérospatiales (ONERA) and the Georgia Institute of Technology (GIT) are working under the United States/France Memorandum of Agreement on Helicopter Aeromechanics to study rotorcraft aeromechanics issues of interest to both nations. As a task under this(More)
Resistance to bevacizumab (BEV) in glioblastoma is believed to occur via activation of molecular networks including the mTOR/PI3K pathway. Using an MR/PET molecular imaging biomarker approach, we investigated the response to combining BEV with the mTOR/PI3K inhibitor BEZ235. Tumours were established by orthotopically implanting U87MG-luc2 cells in mice.(More)
The fields of law and computer science incorporate contrasting notions of the privacy risks associated with the analysis and release of statistical data about individuals and groups of individuals. Emerging concepts from the theoretical computer science literature provide formal mathematical models for quantifying and mitigating privacy risks, where the set(More)
Understanding the process of settlement expansion and the spatiotemporal variation of driving forces is the foundation of rational and specific planning for sustainable development. However, little attention has been paid to the spatiotemporal differences of driving forces among different counties, especially when they are representatives of different(More)
Edge populations are of conservation importance because of their roles as reservoirs of evolutionary potential and in understanding a given species’ ecological needs. Mainly due to loss of aquatic breeding sites, the great crested newt Triturus cristatus is amongst the fastest declining amphibian species in Europe. Focusing on the north-westerly limit of(More)