David J. Mulligan

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Information about multi-elemental concentrations in different plant parts of tropical Ni hyperaccumulator species has the potential to provide insight into their unusual metabolism relative to a range of essential and non-essential elements, but this information is scant in the literature. As Ni hyperaccumulation, and possibly co-accumulation of other toxic(More)
Kinabalu Park is the world’s most species-rich hotspot with over 5000 plant species recorded for an area 1200 km2. The aim of this study was to characterise the vegetation on ultramafic edaphic ‘islands’ in relation to soil chemistry and elevation. In total 87 non-permanent vegetation plots were established covering 12 ultramafic edaphic ‘islands’ from 474(More)
We improved Smith and Ahmed's nanowire single-electron transistor (SET) to change its operating temperature from 4.2degK to room temperature. We made more than 1000 nanotechnology SETs on the fabrication line. We characterized their faults, the yield, the dependence of faults on the process, and the correlation between channel width and faults. We improved(More)
Copyright Information All material contained in this report is in the public domain and may be used and reprinted without special permission; however, citation as to the source is appropriate. PREFACE In 1995, the Legislature passed, and the Governor signed, legislation establishing the Boston Public Health Commission and requiring it to submit annual(More)
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