David J. McNally

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Our focus of interest is in the integration of programming languages and database management systems. In particular, the integration of type systems and data models is considered. One tension in this integration occurs when a type system with subtype inheritance is combined with a data model which contains mutable values. A description of some well-known(More)
Flagellin glycosylation is a necessary modification allowing flagellar assembly, bacterial motility, colonization, and hence virulence for the gastrointestinal pathogen Helicobacter pylori [Josenhans, C., Vossebein, L., Friedrich, S., and Suerbaum, S. (2002) FEMS Microbiol. Lett., 210, 165-172; Schirm, M., Schoenhofen, I.C., Logan, S.M., Waldron, K.C., and(More)
Guaranteeing a certain level of quality for multimedia streaming applications is quite well understood in terms of network QoS, but it is much more tenuous in terms of perceptual quality as perceived by the user. In this paper, we classify video quality measurement schemes and review existing approaches with a focus on non-intrusive quality metrics, which(More)
An operating concept and a laboratory analysis methodology were developed and tested to examine how four-dimensional trajectory analysis meth-and data link communication of control clearances to aircraft could manage substantially more traffic than under today's conditions, and with improved route efficiency while maintaining separation. The simulation and(More)
A new programming system --- STAPLE (Statically Typed Applicative Persistent Language Environment) --- which integrates a lazy functional programming language and a persistent store is described. The motivation for introducing orthogonal persistence into a functional setting is given. Two models for achieving this integration are then described together(More)
Graph reduction has been the basis of most fast running implementations of functional languages, with little attention being paid recently to Landin's SECD approach. CASE is an abstract machine which supports applicative programming and is a variation of Landin's classical SECD machine. Its environment is organized in a novel way which makes variable access(More)
The Planview Graphical User Interface (PGUI) is the primary display of air traffic for the Conflict Prediction and Trial Planning function of the Center TRACON Automation System. The PGUI displays air traffic information that assists the user in making decisions related to conflict detection, conflict resolution, and traffic flow management. The intent of(More)