David J. Martin

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"This paper reviews the changing way in which census geography has been treated with the increasing automation of census data processing. A four-stage model of modern census geography development is presented. In the context of this model, current practice is reviewed, and new opportunities for automated census geography design presented, culminating in a(More)
Due to its increasing popularity, hierarchical linear modeling (HLM) has been used along with structural equation modeling (SEM) to analyze data with nested structure. In spite of the extensive research on commonly encountered problems such as violation of normality and missing data treatment within the framework of SEM, these areas have been much less(More)
The major challenge of photocatalytic water splitting, the prototypical reaction for the direct production of hydrogen by using solar energy, is to develop low-cost yet highly efficient and stable semiconductor photocatalysts. Herein, an effective strategy for synthesizing extremely active graphitic carbon nitride (g-C3N4) from a low-cost precursor, urea,(More)
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This paper describes a geographically intelligent approach to disclosure control for protecting flexibly aggregated census data. Increased analytical power has stimulated user demand for more detailed information for smaller geographical areas and customized boundaries. Consequently it is vital that improved methods of statistical disclosure control are(More)