David J. Martin

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Recent work has shown the necessity of considering an attacker's background knowledge when reasoning about privacy in data publishing. However, in practice, the data publisher does not know what background knowledge the attacker possesses. Thus, it is important to consider the worst-case. In this paper, we initiate a formal study of worst-case background(More)
— Internet search results are a growing and highly profitable advertising platform. Search providers auction advertising slots to advertisers on their search result pages. Due to the high volume of searches and the users' low tolerance for search result latency, it is imperative to resolve these auctions fast. Current approaches restrict the expressiveness(More)
The CVS (Concurrent Versions System) software is a popular method for recording modifications to data objects, in addition to concurrent access to data in a multiuser environment. In current implementations, all users have to trust that the CVS server performs all user operations as instructed. In this paper, we develop protocols that allow users to verify(More)
— Sponsored search auctions form a multibillion dollar industry. Search providers auction advertisement slots on search result pages to advertisers who are charged only if the end-user clicks on the advertiser's ad. The high volume of searches presents an opportunity for sharing the work required to resolve multiple auctions that occur simultaneously. We(More)
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