David J. Lundy

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INTRODUCTION Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) noninvasively measures peripheral tissue oxygen saturation (StO₂). NIRS may be utilized along with a vascular occlusion test, in which limb blood flow is temporarily occluded and released, to quantify a tissue bed's rate of oxygen exchange during ischemia and recovery. The objective of this study was to test(More)
OBJECTIVE Sublingual microvascular videomicroscopy can assess tissue perfusion in critically ill patients; however, data analysis is currently limited to delayed off-line evaluation. We hypothesized that a real-time point-of-care (POC) determination of the microcirculatory flow index (MFI), an established metric for assessing microcirculatory perfusion,(More)
This article discusses the role of microcirculatory dysfunction in the pathophysiology of sepsis, reviewing the role of the endothelium in modulating microcirculatory flow, discussing the function of nitric oxide in mediating microcirculatory blood flow, and outlining means of evaluating microcirculatory function in septic patients. Finally, potential novel(More)
BACKGROUND The prognosis for patients with return of spontaneous circulation after trauma-related cardiac arrest (TRCA) is unclear. Our purpose was to (1) determine outcomes for patients with TRCA resuscitated and admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU), (2) identify ICU-based predictors of in-hospital death in this population, and (3) compare outcomes of(More)
  • Robert A. Rogowsky, Deanna Tanner Okun, +11 authors Laura Polly
  • 2009
This report describes conditions in the land transport, maritime transport, and electricity infrastructure sectors, and examines their effects on export competitiveness in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), particularly on the following industries: coffee, shea butter, and certain tropical fruit (pineapples and bananas) in the agricultural sector; natural rubber and(More)
This report describes characteristics of domestic small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and the role they play in U.S. exports. Within the U.S. economy, SMEs account for the vast majority of firms and approximately half the gross domestic product (GDP) generated by nonagricultural sectors. However, SMEs accounted for only about 30 percent of merchandise(More)
Near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) may be utilized in conjunction with a vascular occlusion test to quantify a tissue bed's ability to re-oxygenate by measuring continuous tissue oxygen saturation recovery rate. We hypothesize that NIRS recovery slope will be associated with expression of endothelial biomarkers, thus, making it a feasible bedside surrogate(More)
There have been several case reports documenting acute appendicitis complicated by perforation presenting with retroperitoneal abscess formation. To date, there are no case reports of acute appendicitis in which the only sign for retroperitoneal perforation is the presence of retroperitoneal air as detected by computed tomography (CT). In the case(More)
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