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ncreasingly, researchers and practitioners have been using 3D models in a number of different areas. Boeing has more than 25 terabytes of online and near-line 3D geometry describing just the shape of its commercial airplane products. Archived model storage reaches into the hundreds of terabytes. Other companies that build physical products such as(More)
The design and construction of the user interface to interactive systems is receiving increased attention. This paper describes a user interface management system that allows a designer/developer to focus on the logical functionality of an application without the usual bookkeeping associated with a conventional programming language. The user interface(More)
Interactive visualization of massive models still remains a challenging problem. This is mainly due to a combination of ever increasing model complexity with the current hardware design trend that leads to a widening gap between slow data access speed and fast data processing speed. We argue that developing efficient data access and data management(More)
This article is a product of a workshop on the Future of Visual Analytics, held in Washington, DC on 4 March 2009. Workshop attendees included representatives from the visual analytics research community across government, industry and academia. The goal of the workshop, and the resulting article, was to reflect on the first 5 years of the visual analytics(More)