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Based on potential benefits to human health, there is increasing interest in altering the composition of ruminant-derived foods. Including rapeseeds in the dairy cow diet is an effective strategy for replacing medium-chain saturated fatty acids (SFA) with cis-monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) in bovine milk, but there is limited information on the optimum(More)
Even though extensive research has examined the role of nutrition on milk fat composition, there is less information on the impact of forages on milk fatty acid (FA) composition. In the current study, the effect of replacing grass silage (GS) with maize silage (MS) as part of a total mixed ration on animal performance and milk FA composition was examined(More)
We have developed an automated purification method for dye-terminator-based DNA sequencing products using a magnetic bead approach. This 384-well protocol generates sequence fragments that are essentially free of template DNA, salt, and excess dye-terminator products. In comparison with traditional ethanol precipitation protocols, this method uses no(More)
Based on the potential benefits to human health, there is interest in developing sustainable nutritional strategies to enhance the concentration of long-chain n-3 fatty acids in ruminant-derived foods. Four Aberdeen Angus steers fitted with rumen and duodenal cannulae were used in a 4 x 4 Latin square experiment with 21 d experimental periods to examine the(More)
Supplementing dairy cow diets with oilseed preparations has been shown to replace milk saturated fatty acids (SFA) with mono- and/or polyunsaturated fatty acids (MUFA, PUFA), which may reduce risk factors associated with cardio-metabolic diseases in humans consuming milk and dairy products. Previous studies demonstrating this are largely detailed, highly(More)
We have confirmed that the temperature-coeficient of the average dispersion of a ZDF transmission line is 100 times smaller than that of a conventional DSF. Temperature-independent 80GbiUs OTDM transmission using the 168km ZDF transmission line has been successfully demonstrated. No penalty was observed for the ZDF transmission line over a temperature range(More)
For territorial group-living species, opportunities to reproduce on the natal territory can be limited by a number of factors including the availability of resources within a territory, access to unrelated individuals, and monopolies on reproduction by dominant group members. Individuals looking to reproduce are therefore faced with the options of either(More)
A range of wastes representative of materials currently applied, or with future potential to be applied, to agricultural land in the UK as fertilisers and soil improvers or used as animal bedding in livestock production, were investigated. In addition to full physico-chemical characterization, the materials were analysed for a suite of priority organic(More)
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