David J. Humphries

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1 ABSTRACT We describe the Interaction Region (IR) for the PEP-II project[l], a collaboration of SLAC, LBNL, and LLNL. The near IR region inboard of 3 m from the interaction point (IP) is designed to focus the 3.1 GeV low-energy beam (LEB) and bring it into head-on collision with the 9 GeV high-energy beam (HEB). We describe the overall design parameters of(More)
Supplementing dairy cow diets with oilseed preparations has been shown to replace milk saturated fatty acids (SFA) with mono- and/or polyunsaturated fatty acids (MUFA, PUFA), which may reduce risk factors associated with cardio-metabolic diseases in humans consuming milk and dairy products. Previous studies demonstrating this are largely detailed, highly(More)
For territorial group-living species, opportunities to reproduce on the natal territory can be limited by a number of factors including the availability of resources within a territory, access to unrelated individuals, and monopolies on reproduction by dominant group members. Individuals looking to reproduce are therefore faced with the options of either(More)
A range of wastes representative of materials currently applied, or with future potential to be applied, to agricultural land in the UK as fertilisers and soil improvers or used as animal bedding in livestock production, were investigated. In addition to full physico-chemical characterization, the materials were analysed for a suite of priority organic(More)
We have confirmed that the temperature-coeficient of the average dispersion of a ZDF transmission line is 100 times smaller than that of a conventional DSF. Temperature-independent 80GbiUs OTDM transmission using the 168km ZDF transmission line has been successfully demonstrated. No penalty was observed for the ZDF transmission line over a temperature range(More)
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