David J. Holliday

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Recognizing naturally occurring objects has been a difficult task in computer vision. One of the keys to recognizing objects is the development of a suitable model. One type of model, the frat-tal, has been used successfully to model complex Fractals have also been used in computer vision , although not as widely, to model and recognize natural scenes [5,(More)
Familial mosaicism has rarely been reported either for autosomes or sex chromosomes. Its recognition poses problems in prognosis, especially in prenatal diagnosis. Three generations of females showed sex chromosomal mosaicism with 3-4 cell lines, the diploid predominant. Phenotypic effect, if any, appeared limited to reduced fertility. The proposita,(More)
Fetal death is a common phenomenon; parental chromosome study may uncover the cause of the problem and contribute to the management of the couple involved. Discovery of a translocation provides a firm basis for genetic counseling, detection of carriers, and prenatal diagnosis. We have studied a young couple with a history of 4 consecutive spontaneous(More)
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