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—This paper presents a Web 2.0 virtual observatory framework applied in an environmental watershed research context, where users not only can access existing sensor data such as the USGS (United States Geological Survey) rain gage data in near real-time, but also can create and share virtual sensors and trigger their associated workflows on-the-fly.(More)
This study of children (ages 7 through 12) wishes to determine (a) whether variation in frontal lobe brain chemistry, determined from proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy (1H-MRS), is related to performance on a working memory task in children, and (b) whether developmental instability (DI; the imprecise expression of the genetic plan for development due(More)
Recent advances in sensor technology are facilitating the deployment of sensors into the environment that can produce measurements at high spatial and/or temporal resolutions. Not only can these data be used to better characterize systems for improved modeling, but they can also be used to produce better understandings of the mechanisms of environmental(More)
This paper describes our first step towards the realization of complex and large scale cross-organization virtual observatories by presenting a new semantically-enhanced " Sensor Network as a Service " (SNaaS) framework, which can repurpose existing sensor networks as needed and aggregate and fuse heterogeneous sensors into new virtual sensors in(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine if use of paracetamol in early life is an independent risk factor for childhood asthma. DESIGN Prospective birth cohort study. SETTING Melbourne Atopy Cohort Study. PARTICIPANTS 620 children with a family history of allergic disease, with paracetamol use prospectively documented on 18 occasions from birth to 2 years of age,(More)
Low interferon-gamma (IFN-gamma) secretion has been found in individuals with active atopic disease. Whether this is a cause or result of the disease process is uncertain. Cord blood IFN-gamma secretion was examined in 35 neonates who were then prospectively followed up for 1 year for the development of atopic disease. Infants who developed either symptoms(More)
This paper presents a method of optimal coordination of load shedding, capacitor switching and tap changer operation using a dynamic system model in order to preserve long-term voltage stability. The method is based on model predictive control and tree search. A model of the controlled system, including the network and load dynamics, is used to predict the(More)
[1] With large volumes of data arriving in near real time from environmental sensors, there is a need for automated detection of anomalous data caused by sensor or transmission errors or by infrequent system behaviors. This study develops and evaluates three automated anomaly detection methods using dynamic Bayesian networks (DBNs), which perform fast,(More)