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Planned to launch in 2015, ICEsat-2 will measure changes in polar ice coverage and estimate changes in the Earth's bio-mass by measuring vegetation canopy height. ABSTRACT | Satellite and aircraft observations have revealed that remarkable changes in the Earth's polar ice cover have occurred in the last decade. The impacts of these changes, which include(More)
As the counterfactual model of causality has increased in popularity, sociologists have returned to matching as a research methodology. In this article, advances over the past two decades in matching estimators are explained, and the practical limitations of matching techniques are emphasized. The authors introduce matching methods by focusing first on(More)
C ulture is back on the poverty research agenda. Over the past decade, sociologists, demographers, and even economists have begun asking questions about the role of culture in many aspects of poverty and even explicitly explaining the behavior of the low-income population in reference to cultural factors. An example is Prudence Carter (2005), who, based on(More)
The Eco3D campaign was conducted in the Summer of 2011. As part of the campaign three unique and innovative NASA Goddard Space Flight Center airborne sensors were flown simultaneously: The Digital Beamforming Synthetic Aperture Radar (DBSAR), the Slope Imaging Multi-polarization Photon-counting Lidar (SIMPL) and the Cloud Absorption Radiometer (CAR). The(More)
—Government and commercial airborne light detection and ranging (lidar) systems have enabled extensive measurements of the Earth's surface and land cover over the past decade. There is much interest, however, in employing smaller lidar systems that require less power to enable sensing from small unmanned aerial vehicles or satellites. Technological advances(More)
(All measured at Wave 1 unless indicated otherwise) Individual Controls: Race/Ethnicity: A set of indicator (0/1) variables for the adolescent's race and ethnicity. In Addhealth, the adolescent can self identify as belonging to one or more categories, including White, Black, Native American, Asian, or other Race. White is the omitted category in models. I(More)
The ICESat-2 mission will continue NASA's spaceflight laser altimeter measurements of ice sheets, sea ice and vegetation using a new measurement approach: micropulse, single photon ranging at 532 nm. Differential penetration of green laser energy into snow, ice and water could introduce errors in sea ice freeboard determination used for estimation of ice(More)