David J. Good

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Differences between men and women in the performance of tests designed to measure spatial abilities are explained by evolutionary psychologists in terms of adaptive design. The Hunter-Gatherer Theory of Spatial Ability suggests that the adoption of a hunter-gatherer lifestyle (assuming a sexual division of labor) created differential selective pressure on(More)
Technology changes in recent years have created metamorphic alterations in organizations' operations. A focal point for many firms is the sales organization. Advances in expert systems have had an impact on the strategies utilized by sales organizations. This research provides a framework for the implementation of expert systems in sales organizations as(More)
The development of expert systems applied in marketing has provided marketers with an important new strategic tool. However, an inspection of implemented systems indicates that only a limited number of such systems are currently in use. The limited use may in part be the result of the organizational structure and the traits of workers in the marketing(More)
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