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Evaluating and understanding biodiversity in marine ecosystems are both necessary and challenging for conservation. This paper compiles and summarizes current knowledge of the diversity of marine taxa in Canada's three oceans while recognizing that this compilation is incomplete and will change in the future. That Canada has the longest coastline in the(More)
To evaluate the nutrient removal capabilities of two red macroalgae, apical blades were cultured in the lab for 4 weeks at either 6, 10, or 17°C and nitrate at either 30 or 300 μM, typical of the seasonal range of conditions at a land-based Atlantic halibut farm. Stocking density was 2.0 g L−1, irradiance 125 μmol photons m−2 s−1, photoperiod 16:8 (L:D),(More)
The contrasting histories of the western and eastern shores of the North Atlantic Ocean provide an excellent opportunity to consider the implications of past events for present ecological processes and the functioning of marine ecosystems. Similarities and differences in assemblage composition have been driven by large-scale events, such as the trans-Arctic(More)
Palmaria palmata and Chondrus crispus were grown for 4 weeks in 1-L flasks at 10 °C to evaluate nutrient uptake and their potential application as nutrient biofilters in effluent from finfish culture. For greatest bioremediation benefit within an integrated system, we conclude that a seaweed biofilter using these species should be placed prior to bacterial(More)
The high cost of aeration needed to tumble culture macroalgae is a limiting factor for integration with land-based finfish culture. Toward reducing this electricity cost, we compared intermittent aeration (16 h on:8 h off) with continuous aeration (24 h on) on the productivity of two strains of Chondrus crispus (Basin Head and Charlesville) and Palmaria(More)
While a variety of plant hormones from brown algae were described, there were few studies that examined the combined effects of these hormones on morphogenesis and photosynthetic physiology in developing fucoid embryos. We evaluated the effects of phytohormones to determine the extent, to which responses were similar to those of terrestrial plants. Kinetin,(More)
To investigate the illuminance requirements for the culture of red algae in finfish effluent, both Chondrus crispus and Palmaria palmata were assessed simultaneously at three irradiances. Apical tips, 3.5 cm length, were stocked at 2 g L−1 in 1-L glass flasks with enriched seawater in two 24-day experiments, at 10 and 14 °C, respectively. Palmaria grew up(More)
where he has been based for over 20 years. Born in Ireland, he grew up in Nova Scotia and did two degrees at Acadia University before going to England and completing a PhD at Liverpool University in 1978 under the supervision of George Russell. He subsequently spent 6 years as a Columbia. His primary interests are in the biology of seaweeds and marine(More)
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