David J. Eis

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UNLABELLED A single-blinded study was performed to analyze whether indoor environments with and without mold infestation differ significantly in microbial volatile organic compounds (MVOC) concentrations. Air sampling for MVOC was performed in 40 dwellings with evident mold damage and in 44 dwellings, where mold damage was excluded after a thorough(More)
Laboratory experiments demonstrated that the production and emission of volatile secondary metabolites by molds is strongly dependent on various influencing factors. A major influencing factor is the substrate. In the case of indoor environment construction material serves as substrate, so the MVOC spectrum encountered mainly depends on the infested site.(More)
Im vorliegenden Beitrag wurden Zusammenhänge zwischen einer bestehenden Asthmaerkrankung und möglichen diesbezüglichen Einflussfaktoren auf der Datenbasis der „Studie zur Gesundheit von Kindern und Jugendlichen in Deutschland“ (KiGGS) untersucht. In dieser bundesweiten Querschnittstudie wurden zwischen 2003 und 2006 17.641 null- bis 17-jährige Kinder und(More)
UNLABELLED Laboratory trials were performed in order to search for the variety of the production of microbial volatile organic compounds (MVOC), which could be used as indicators for hidden mold damage. Concerning MVOC production the experiments showed a dependency on the mold genus/species, the different strains used and the building materials used as(More)
A new approach to regression regularization called the Pairwise Elastic Net is proposed. Like the Elastic Net, it simultaneously performs automatic variable selection and continuous shrinkage. In addition, the Pairwise Elastic Net encourages the grouping of strongly correlated predictors based on a pairwise similarity measure. We give examples of how the(More)
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  • 2000
Im Rahmen der umweltmedizinischen Expositionserfassung, Diagnostik, Beratung, Therapie, Prophylaxe und Sanierung wird eine kaum mehr überschaubare Zahl unterschiedlichster, zum Teil nichtvalidierter Verfahren bei oftmals fragwürdiger Indikation eingesetzt. Die umweltmedizinische Qualitätssicherung (QS) ist damit zum Problem geworden. Ein Hauptanliegen der(More)
We investigate connections between the generalized lasso and the standard lasso problem. We show by an efficient direct construction, that the generalized lasso problem is reducible to a subspace constrained lasso. We then derive the dual of the subspace constrained lasso. This dual problem can be projected to the dual of a standard lasso problem with a(More)
The German Environmental Survey for Children (GerES IV) is the environment-oriented module of the National Health Interview and Examination Survey for Children and Adolescents (KiGGS) which is being performed nationwide in Germany. From 2003 to 2006, a random subsample of 1800 children aged 3-14 years is being studied with regard to their body burden and(More)
To evaluate frequently used methods that discriminate between moldy and nonmoldy indoor environments, 45 homes with visible mold growth and 47 definitively non-infested homes, both confirmed by inspection, were investigated by microbiological and chemical analytical methods. The study was laboratory blinded in relation to the confirmed mold status of the(More)