David J. Deshazer

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Detection of phase synchronization of coupled chaotic oscillators is examined experimentally for the case of a linear laser array. Phase variables are computed by applying a Gaussian filter, peaked at a positive frequency, to the signal obtained from the intensity time series of the individual lasers. Relationships between different frequency components of(More)
Synchronization of the chaotic intensity fluctuations of three modulated Nd:YAG lasers oriented in a linear array with either a modulated pump or loss is investigated experimentally, numerically, and analytically. Experimentally, synchronization is only seen between the two outer lasers, with little synchrony between outer and inner lasers. Using a false(More)
We experimentally study the synchronization and the emergence of leader-follower dynamics in two time-delayed mutually coupled fiber ring lasers. We utilize spatiotemporal representations of time series to establish the roles of leader and follower in the synchronized dynamics.
We study the effect of near-resonant optical injection on the dynamical behavior of an erbium-doped fiber ring laser. Our experimental results show that, in the presence of even a small amount of injection, the output laser intensity exhibits bursts spaced irregularly in time and with randomly varying amplitudes. A heterodyne measurement of the frequency(More)
Competition between two distinct driving frequencies to phase synchronize the intensity dynamics of a chaotic laser has been observed. The phase of the chaotic intensity signal is constructed using the complex analytic signal. Competing frequencies alternately show phase locking and phase slipping. Competition has been quantified by calculating the portion(More)
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