David J. Davis

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BACKGROUND To ascertain disease and functional capacity in community-resident disabled older women in the Women's Health and Aging Study (WHAS), a prospective investigation of the causes and course of disability, a home-based standardized physical examination and performance test battery were developed. Thirty-nine tests were administered, 9 by a lay(More)
PURPOSE This preliminary international survey compared provision of implant-retained overdentures to fixed implant-supported prostheses for edentulous mandibles. MATERIALS AND METHODS Questionnaires based on a 2001 Swedish study were sent to prosthodontists and specialist clinics in nine additional countries. RESULTS Response rate varied from 53% to(More)
This paper outlines perspectives on the teaching and learning of software systems development in large groups based on the designed, final year, software systems analysis (SSA) and software systems design (SSD) subjects within the undergraduate Software Engineering Program at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Technology Sydney (UTS). Topics(More)
Software is developed and implemented by enterprises that wish to increase their efficiency and effectiveness. This process is often undertaken by persons who have little or no formal training in the field, particularly in developing countries. The results are frequently disadvantageous and often fatal to the enterprise. The University of Technology, Sydney(More)
This prospective, quantitative, and qualitative evaluation of the case management program at CHLA clearly demonstrated the value of professional service coordination of care for children with complex, special health needs. Most specifically, the program documented improvement in three discrete areas of evaluation: 1. Financial, with decreased unnecessary(More)
The study explored the use of the Internet to investigate the emotional effects of tooth loss in a Polish population. The Internet was used as a novel method of recruiting study participants. The study was announced on Internet pages in the Polish language inviting anyone who had lost some natural teeth to respond. Respondents were sent a questionnaire by(More)
OBJECTIVE Influenza vaccine hesitancy is common in the primary care setting. Though physicians can affect caregivers' attitudes toward vaccination, physicians report uneasiness discussing vaccine hesitancy. Few studies have targeted physician-patient communication training as a means to decrease vaccination refusal. METHODS An immersive virtual reality(More)
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