David J. Crisp

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We give necessary and sufficient conditions for uniqueness of the support vector solution for the problems of pattern recognition and regression estimation, for a general class of cost functions. We show that if the solution is not unique, all support vectors are necessarily at bound, and we give some simple examples of non-unique solutions. We note that(More)
This paper has three goals: to find uniqueness theorems for some well-known kernel methods, and thereby to better understand their behavior; to derive theorems which apply to more general families of kernel methods; and to collect results which are hoped to be useful to workers who would like to prove uniqueness theorems for their own algorithms. Knowing(More)
An estimated probability distribution of the backscatter is commonly used to determine the threshold for distinguishing targets from clutter at a given false alarm rate. Data collected at high grazing angles (15◦−45◦) by the Defence Science Technology Organisation’s Ingara fully polarimetric X-band radar demonstrates that the commonly used K-distribution is(More)