David J. Crawford

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Three hundred and twenty-two women with involvement of axillary lymph nodes following surgery for operable breast cancer were randomized to receive either postoperative radiotherapy, chemotherapy (CMF) or radiotherapy followed by chemotherapy. There was an increase in disease free interval in pre- and postmenopausal patients receiving radiotherapy and(More)
INTRODUCTION Ultrasound-guided, vacuum-assisted biopsy has a definitive role in the diagnosis of breast lesions. Its role in the treatment of benign breast lesions like fibroadenomas has not been established. PATIENTS AND METHODS This is a retrospective review of patients undergoing ultrasound-guided, vacuum-assisted biopsy for clinically benign breast(More)
AIMS The presence of residual disease at the excision margin after breast conserving surgery is the most important risk factor for local recurrence. One method for assessing tumour margin involvement is to take shavings from the wall of the resulting cavity following wide excision of the lesion. METHODS We have reviewed our experience of shaving the(More)
Breast tumor biopsies required for steroid receptor determination are normally frozen in liquid nitrogen and stored until assay. However, some limitations of this type of storage exist. To try to both eliminate the need for liquid nitrogen and as part of a study of serial assays on a single tumor biopsy, alternative storage media were investigated. This(More)
Swimming was used for evaluating alterations in performance capacity and as a means for studying the influence of exercise stress on susceptibility to Streptococcus pneumoniae and Francisella tularensis infections in two strains of rats, i.e. Fisher-Dunning (FD) and Sprague-Dawley (SD). The performance capacity was reduced by both diseases and was(More)
This work studies the effect of age on lung dose commitments arising from the inhalation of an atmosphere containing radionuclides of varying half-lives and physical sizes. This dependence is significant in many cases, approaching a ratio of 2 in several instances when the maximum dose at a given age is compared with that for an adult. In most instances,(More)
We report a case of profuse gastrointestinal haemorrhage from an ileal varix, in a segment of bowel adherent to the site of a previous incisional hernia repair, in a patient with portal hypertension. This is a rare but recognised complication of portal hypertension. Localisation of the bleeding point was achieved by radionuclide scanning and the segment of(More)
These experiments were designed to study whether endurance training prior to Streptococcus pneumoniae infection in rats (N = 15 in each group) alters lethality, performance capacity, and related energy metabolism. A 5-d.wk-1, 4-wk-long pre-infection training program with gradually increasing swim time caused no protection from lethality (48% at 72 h(More)
Sensitive radioimmunoassays for the placental proteins PP5 and SP1 were used to investigate possible ectopic synthesis of these proteins by breast tumors. Elevated serum levels of the proteins were found in a small proportion of patients who had undergone mastectomy for malignant tumors, but little useful information on tumor spread could be gained from(More)
AIMS Our aim was to compare the incidence of lymphoedema in two groups of patients undergoing breast conservation surgery; one undergoing axillary sampling and radiotherapy to patients with positive axillary nodes, and the other undergoing axillary clearance. METHODS Retrospective review of records of two sequential groups of patients; one undergoing(More)