David J. Cowperthwaite

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information to become knowledge, we need to interpret and understand it. Visualization in general responds directly to this need. However, even after producing a visual representation, we must address issues involving exploration, navigation, and interpretation of the data. This article addresses visual exploration of 3D information layouts. Several visual(More)
As the use of 3D information presentation becomes more prevalent the need for effective viewing tools grows accordingly. Much work has been done in developing tools for 2D spaces which allow for detail in context views. We examine the extension of such 2D methods to 3D and explore the limitations encountered in accessing internal regions of the data with(More)
A fundamental issue in user interface design is the effective use of available screen space, commonly referred to as the screen real estate problem. This paper presents a new distortion-based viewing tool for exploring large information spaces through the use of a three-dimensional pliable surface. Arbitrarily-shaped regions (foci) on the surface may be(More)
It is a di cult problem to display large, complex graphs in a manner which furthers comprehension. A useful approach is to expand selected sections (foci) of the graph revealing details of subgraphs. If this expansion is maintained within the context of the entire graph, information is provided about how subgraphs are embedded in the overall structure.(More)