David J Carnegie

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Optically guided neuron growth is a relatively new field where the exact mechanisms that initiate growth are not well understood. Both Gaussian light beams and optical line traps have been purported to initiate neuronal growth. Here we present a detailed study using optical line traps with symmetric and asymmetric intensity profiles which have been(More)
The growth cone of a developing neuron can be guided using a focused infra-red (IR) laser beam [1]. In previous setups this process has required a significant amount of user intervention to adjust continuously the laser beam to guide the growing neuron. Previously, a system using an acousto-optical deflector (AOD) has been developed to steer the beam [2].(More)
We propose a paraxial dual-cone model of conical refraction involving the interference of two cones of light behind the exit face of the crystal. The supporting experiment is based on beam selecting elements breaking down the conically refracted beam into two separate hollow cones which are symmetrical with one another. The shape of these cones of light is(More)
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